28. June 2010 by Mads

Microsoft have just released the Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tool Extensions which extent VS2010 with some features that make the use of it even better. If you haven’t already downloaded them – do it now!

One of the features is the coloring/categorizing of the “Document tab”, you know the tab for each document you have open inside VS2010.


It makes documents from the same project the same color and put them together, to make it easier for you to quickly see what belongs where. It works pretty good actually. The funny thing about thie feature is that I actually got the idea for something similar some months ago. I tried to create a plugin for VS2010 (beta as it were at the time), but stopped pretty quickly as it were pretty hard, as I’m not use to work in that field.
Now I see that Microsoft have done it them self, which is very good, then I don’t have to spend time on it, I just need to use it :)

These extentions is much more than just coloring the document tabs. Here are links to some posts about it.


You can go and get the plugin from there – it’s really tiny!

- Enjoy!

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